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Healing is Hard...

Healing is hard.... Regardless of what has caused the hurt. A breakup, a loss of something you've always wanted but never received, the end of a friendship. Admittedly the easiest option is to not confront it because it's better to put it aside. Thing is, whatever has caused your pain is what you use to build your strength. Crazy I know, but hear me out. Depending on your experience, a different part of you absorbed the hit. Your body or ego may have sustained the hit but your heart absorbed the hurt. Now when I say your body, I don't necessarily mean a physical hit. Speaking from my own experience, my body sustained the 'hit' when I had a stroke at the age of 38 but my mind absorbed the hurt. Why my mind? Because my stroke was harder mentally and emotionally than it was physically. Crazy right? But that's how pain is. It doesn't just effect a certain part of you, it effects all of you. The process of healing is hard. Uncomfortable. Daunting. Uninviting. But it's also necessary. I'm here to tell you to run to it not from it. Your healing requires you to. I've been where you are and felt what you felt. But I'm here to tell you Sista that running only makes it worse. Confronting brings about strength, awareness and confidence. And isn't that what you want to feel? Isn't that your ultimate goal? If it is, here are 3 easy steps to jumpstart your healing: 1- FEEL THE PAIN: I already know you're probably like, 'No', BUT listen, that's the only way to begin the journey. Though you may not understand what you're feeling, know that your feelings are valid and real. 2- TRUST YOURSELF: this can be particularly hard because hurt brings about confusion and trusting what you feel can be tricky. But know that it's okay to trust yourself even when it feels like you're not sure what the next step is. 3- BE VULNERABLE: you don't have to be strong at all times and points throughout your process. It's okay to not be okay. So as you can see, your healing is needed in order to get to the next level of your life. Hopefully these 3 steps can help you and you'll find the courage to begin your healing.

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