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Get to Know Me

Hey y'all, Hey!! Welcome to my virtual world. 


I'm Jaye Walker, Psychology graduate and Certified Life Coach. 


So, WHO exactly am I? Well, I'm:


-from Lafayette, Louisiana 


-author of Growth In Words, an inspirational and motivational book 


-talkative... but perfect for a life coach, right? 


Now that's just a tiny glimpse into who I am. I'm sure you're wondering, how did I get here? Would you believe me if I told you it was never my intention to be a coach? That the thought of being an entrepreneur never crossed my mind? 


Well, it's true. 


Like many, I went to college and pursued a degree in my chosen field and started working immediately after. 


My first job was a counselor/mentor and little did I know it would be what pulled out my passion that laid dormant until 2019. I've worked in my field of Psychology for 18 years but never really felt fulfilled or that I was walking in my purpose unless I was in a mentoring position. Helping others overcome the obstacles that held them back is what drives me to be the best Coach to my clients. 


My own experiences led me to help women whose lives mirrored mine. Before I dug deep within to bring out the best version of me, I experienced much of what you're probably living at this very moment.


My self-awareness was almost nonexistent.


My self-esteem was on life support.


I wanted to become the version of myself that I envisioned but didn't know how.


I began to explore who I really was at that moment and who I wanted to become. I worked to become the woman that I knew was deep within me and with determination I did just that. 


But, plot twist....


Once I finally reached the best version of myself, life would have it that I would have to start all over again because at the age of 38, I had a stroke in April 2020. So imagine that: self-awareness and self-esteem were at a peak and the stroke caused both to plummet and forced me to go through it all over again. 


It was tough...TOUGH, but it was doable. And that's my message to you. That version that you have of yourself, she's in you. You just have to pull her out. And I'm here to help you do just that. 


The same obstacles that I coach you through are the same obstacles I coached myself through. I'm here to help you bring out the BEST version of you that's waiting to come through.

Are you Camille?

Are you Camille?

Meet Camille.

Camille doesn't like where she currently is in life. She wants to grow & evolve but she doesn't know how to align her self-awareness and self-confidence. She's a single, Millennial, Gen X woman that believes where she currently is, is where she'll always be. 

There's something in her past that has shattered her confidence and she's unsure how to become her best to live at her highest potential. Although she wants to become better, she's convinced herself that where she is will always be her peak and she doesn't trust that she can go further.

Despite what she thinks of herself, growth is important to Camille because she knows it's needed in order to live the life that she envisions. To become the women that she can be proud of.

Camille wants to know how to shift her mindset in order to overcome the obstacles before her, even if that obstacle is herself. She's tired of the complacency and desires to walk boldly and confidently. 

Are you Camille? If so...

As your Confidence Builder, my goal is to help you:

- build confidence 

- shift your mindset

-break emotional barriers

If you are Camille, Click the next tab to view the services offered and designed to help you OVERCOME YOU. 

​**Camille is not the name of an actual client, but the avatar for Overcoming You.**

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